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What To Consider When Painting Your Home Exterior

As much as the furnishings of your home represents your overall personality, the first impression of the home comes from the exterior of your home. You should therefore not compromise aspects of your home exterior design and painting. There are some key things that you need to consider to give you home exterior brilliance.

Factors to consider when doing your home exterior painting


This aspect counts a lot when giving your home an appearance that is attractive. Choosing a green paint form a home whose surrounding is full of greenery is a flop idea. Also choosing bright and bold colors for a sparse landscape will make it look too brash. Carefully study the landscape before choosing the paint color.

Weather and climate

‘Mother Nature’ is a very important aspect that you need to consider when doing you exterior painting. You have to study the weather patterns of your area. It is good to paint during dry weather since the paint will need time to dry. Paint will also not adhere to damp surfaces hence you should choose a dry weather.

Paint quality

Most companies nowadays offer the best paint quality that is accompanied with a long lasting guarantee of color and a weather proof coating. This weather proof coating gives you an extra protection layer against changes in weather conditions.

Color selection

This is the most difficult part of doing your exterior painting. When choosing the paint color for your home exterior, choose a trendy and nice color that you are sure will trend for a couple of years to come. Light colors tens to give a welcoming and capacious impression whereas dark colors ensure a substantial and well-made look of your home.

Do accent

The color you choose should be attractive for the exterior and highlight your home’s architectural details. This has proven to be a great idea in most exterior home paintings. However avoid drawing attention to the features that are like asymmetrically positioned like air conditioning units and windows.


Be sure to harmonize your extNeighborhood houseerior paint scheme with that of your neighbor’s exterior as this is a great idea. This does not however deter you from settling for your set colors. You can get as creative as you want but make sure that your painting will not look strange.

When painting your home exterior put into consideration the above factors and you will achieve a fantastic exterior to back you furnishing in the interior.