1504 Providence Highway, Suite 17
Norwood, MA 02062-4645
Telephone 781-769-9988           Fax 781-769-9985           email:

    1. Time in business - 62 years
    2. Organization - Sales force consisting of five individuals covering the six New England States: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.
    3. Type of Customers - Plumbing, heating, cooling, and industrial (PVF) wholesalers, hardware wholesalers, mass merchandisers, home centers, large hardware dealers and catalog sales.
    4. Specification Work - We call on specification engineers, architects, large mechanical and plumbing contractors.
    5. Experience - We specialize in the sale of primary and accessory equipment to the plumbing, heating, cooling, industrial (PVF) wholesalers, co-ops and all other retail distribution channels.
    6. We own and operate our office and warehouse facilities.
    7. We perform all functions of a Buy-Sell Representative.
      1. Steven W. Brown, President. Thirty-seven years with the Serpa Corporation. He has five years experience as department manager in retail sales for William Filene's and Sons (division of Federated Department Stores). He is a graduate of Curry College with a BA Degree in Business Administration. He obtained an MBA Degree in Economics at Northeastern University.
      2. Gary G. Serpa, Executive Vice-President and Treasurer, Manager of Sales and Marketing. Forty-one years with the Serpa Corporation. He has worked for Leonard Silver Manufacturing Company (subsidiary of Towle Manufacturing Company) as an inside and outside salesman, specializing in working trade shows throughout the country. He is a graduate of Middlesex School Concord, Massachusetts, and he attended Northeastern University, School of Engineering. He has a BS Degree in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing, from Northeastern University, with a minor degree in mechanical engineering.
      3. Elaine Fletcher, Office Manager and Inside Sales. Twelve years with the Serpa Corporation. Twenty years experience in the field of customer service, most recently as Senior Account Specialist for the L.E. Mason Co. She specializes in customer service, sales order management, EDI, major customer quoting and promotions, as well as international sales.
      4. Martin Galin, Outside Sales. Seven years with the Serpa Corporation. Twelve years experience working with plumbing and HVAC wholesalers within the southern New England area. Specializes in vitreous bath ware and tankless water heaters. B.S. from Central Connecticut State University majoring in Marketing with a minor in Business Management. 
      5. Gerald McLaughlin, Warehousing. Seventeen years with the Serpa Corporation.
      6. Sandra M. Serpa, Bookkeeping/Computing. Twenty-six years with the Serpa Corporation.
      All Sales Personnel - have a company car and are provided with full expense accounts, commission and a share in the profits of the Corporation. In addition, each has full health insurance coverage, disability insurance and Workman's Compensation. Sales personnel salaries are in five figures.

      Office and Warehouse Staff - Secretary; clerical assistants; telephone answering coverage; fully equipped offices and warehouse.
    1. Keeney Manufacturing Co. Newington, CT
      Karen Condren-Fox, Sales Mgr., Phone: 800-243-0526
    2. Fluidmaster Inc., Anaheim, CA
      Jason Waldman, Mktg Mgr., 800-631-2011
    3. Pentair Thermal Mgmt., Menlo Park, CA
      Kim Erwin, Sales Mgr., 650-474-7658
    4. Central Brass / Pioneer Faucet, Commerce, CA
      Ed Baggan, National Sales Mgr. 323-314-3982 
    5. Saniflo USA, Edison, NJ
      Regis Saragosti, NA Mgr., 800-571-8191
    6. Mansfield Plumbing Products, Perrysville, OH
      Ken Kraynak, Sales Mgr., Phone: 614-205-6507

    Our annual volume in New England currently exceeds ten million dollars. We have almost one billion dollars in sales since the inception of our company.
    1. AIM/R: Association of Industry Manufacturers Representatives
    2. Plumbing and Heating Manufacturers' Representatives of New England
    3. Association of Plumbing Inspectors
    4. ASPE: American Society of Plumbing Engineers
    5. Associate members of the six New England Associations of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors, Inc.
    6. MANA: Manufacturers' Agent National Association
    7. National Council of Salesmen's Organization, Inc.
    8. AHMA: American Hardware Manufacturers Association
    1. We do trade paper and space advertising in Progress Magazine, the official plumbing industry journal for New England, as well as in various annual publications as solicited.
    2. We maintain a computerized mailing list and do direct mail advertising.
    3. We arrange for and conduct sales meetings for our distributors and their customers.
    4. We conduct riding schedules with wholesaler salespeople to their trade accounts.
    5. We work with the local plumbing contractors associations sponsoring their meetings.
    6. We detail retail outlets, including Home Depot and Lowes.
    7. We perform product knowledge meetings at all levels of the retail market.
    8. We participate in all trade-hardware shows in New England.
    9. We attend all major conventions nationally.
    10. We conduct counter days for plumbing wholesalers and attend their shows.
    11. We design and tailor promotions for individual customers.

    Business and character references available upon request.

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